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Nice to meet u, there i'll be posting some things about the fandoms that i like or that i'm part of. And some cute art/things/clothes. So, that's all. I'm not very interested on the "ask me something" so, you dont have to talk to me if you don't want to c: I give followback to eeeeveryone so, that's all i guess. Ah, i'm from Chile.




So me and a couple of blogs thought that it would be cool to have a theme tag this month in the Neon Genesis Evangelion fandom. There’s a lot of amazing editors, gif makers, artists, writers and people that generally  love evangelion which is why I think the fandom is so active. So since this month the general theme on tumblr is gonna be halloween, spooky, dark, scary stuff we thought it would be cool to have a tag just for the theme. The tag will be Nightmare on Tokyo 3 and its purpose is to pile up posts with said theme. Anyone can join in on the fun! Be it something like the example I posted, art, edits horror stories with the characters or if you’re feeling really really brave. Some Kaworu pickup lines! -shivers- So yeah! Please share this if you like the idea and i hope you guys get to participate because in the end this is for the fandom to get together and have some laughs or maybe even screams!

And so it starts!
Everyone join in on the fun! The tag is nightmare on tokyo 3~
I’ll be posting gifs and edits and anything I can come up with for this theme~
*re-blogged again cause new edit.
Please reblog and share to spread the info!


Esto es realmente importante para el país
Hace rato que he estado emocionada por la nueva temporada de 31 minutos :’D (que a todo esto comienza este 4 de Octubre )
Y es para mi es canon el amor que profesa Manuel por 31 minutos, of course.
(Also, esto lo tengo desde el Domingo, antes del crack y todo eso, mi muñeca ahora esta descansando ;3;) 



*walks into meeting* *dramatically slams hello kitty briefcase on desk*

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pink chiffon blouses | 1 2 3 x 4 5 6 from beautiful halo


when your friend likes somebody who harassed you


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A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing, burning pathos
Young boy, shine like a legend,
Holding the sky in your arms.